(More) March Memories

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Now that you’ve seen a million pictures of our neighborhood, how about a little evidence that we did venture out a little? ;)

Our month started with a celebration of Read Across America day at Afton’s preschool. I admittedly didn’t plan ahead too well for this event, but we managed to pull together a perfect costume using a tutu she already had and a necklace I made out of aluminum foil. (I am SO NOT CRAFTY, so this counts as a win for me, ha!) Did you read The Silver Slippers as a kid, too? It was a favorite of mine in early elementary school, so it’s fun that Afton enjoys it, too!

easy costume for Read Across America Day - The Silver Slippers necklace craft

I was able to pay a visit to her school for the super fun parade! I was skeptical about how this would go, but I was pleasantly surprised by Afton’s ability/willingness to ride her trike up and down the sidewalk without veering off course. ;)

preschool parade for Read Across America Day

The parade was immediately followed by a birthday party for Dr. Seuss! Fun times!

birthday party for Dr. Seuss at preschool - teacher in Cat in the Hat costume

Another March highlight was watching some amazingly talented artists draw and paint on the beach during La Côte en Plein Air.

La Côte en Plein Air artists in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

It was especially fun to see our friends Jerrod and Oliver! Our little town is so chock-full of artistic talent that it’s almost overwhelming, and this was definitely one of those days when it was hard to resist the temptation to BUY ALL THE ART. (I did barter with Oliver for two prints, though, and I love them!)

La Côte en Plein Air artists Jerrod Partridge and Oliver Preus in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

We spent plenty of time en plein air ourselves, too, of course. There were so many beautiful blooms to capture!

floral photography in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Wisteria will always be a favorite.

beautiful wisteria photos taken on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Even the park we frequent was especially pretty in March!

family lifestyle and nature photographs at Little Children's Park in Ocean Springs

Only one of these photos has been listed as a print in my shop, but I’m thinking that number needs to grow… do you agree? Let me know what you’d like to see!

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