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September Snapshot

Time for a look back at September!

backyard photos in Ocean Springs, MS

There was more of the usual. Evening walks to the neighborhood duck pond are a constant favorite. Afton loves visiting with all our neighbors (both human and canine).

walking to the duck pond in Bienville Place neighborhood, Ocean Springs, MS

Jonas turned six months old, so there were some big milestones, like his first solid food! Afton was adamant that he must start with avocado just like her, but he was not so sure about it. Pears have been a favorite so far.

6-month old baby eating avocado

Jonas also tried out the swing for the first time and was immediately a big fan! Afton has been talking about pushing him in this swing since early in my pregnancy, so she was thrilled, too. (She was pretty excited about Pastor Scott and Mrs. Rebecca coming over for dinner that same evening, too!)

backyard fun

My favorite six-month milestone, though, is the way Jonas started sitting up on his own for longer periods. I love this phase! He’s not mobile yet, but I can set him down and walk a few feet away to do what I need to do, or in this case to grab the camera and watch him play.

four-year-old girl doing Little Passports and playing with 6-month old baby brother

It didn’t last long, but I thoroughly enjoyed being able to capture both kids playing independently for a few minutes. Ironically, the more literal distance I can get from my kids, the better I feel like I know them. It’s hard to see someone who is attached to you all the time! I thought this was just one of those weird things no one tells you about having kids, but as I’m writing it, I realize it might be an Enneagram 5 thing. Observers gonna observe! ;)

I’ve thought about writing a whole post about my Enneagram thoughts related to my work/life—would you want to read that?!

Maybe someday, but my next post will be some photos from a particularly photogenic day in September that deserved a separate post from this one. :) Stay tuned.