Easter with a Two-Year-Old

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Celebrating Easter with a two-year-old

On to April! Of course, the month started with Easter! After checking out what the Easter Bunny brought…

two-year-old girl with Easter Basket on Easter morning

We took some dressed-up pictures before church! It was special to have Memaw and Popaw with us this year!

family photos before church on Easter Sunday - Ocean Springs, Mississippi

They brought even more goodies!

two-year-old girl opening Easter basket from grandparents

We enjoyed a delicious meal (cooked mostly by Alex) on the back deck. It was truly a beautiful day to celebrate the resurrection!

casual Easter dinner outside on deck

Memaw and Popaw even organized an egg hunt! This event was particularly special and made me feel pretty nostalgic. The very first time I met Alex’s parents was on Easter weekend TEN YEARS AGO when we all visited Alex while he was in grad school. He and his two roommates lived in an old farmhouse where we all stayed for the weekend, and they organized an egg hunt for us then, too! AND George dressed as the Easter Bunny! There were no children involved, and I’m sure is was quite a sight: four twenty-somethings wandering up and down the hillside looking for colorful plastic eggs filled with candy, while a spotted, bearded bunny looked on. It was so funny and so much fun! But of course I didn’t know at the time that it foreshadowed what fun grandparents these two would be a decade later!! Afton had a blast searching the yard for these treasures!

backyard Easter Egg Hunt in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

And for old time’s sake, Mom and Dad got a few eggs, too. :)

Easter Egg Hunt with names on eggs

Thanks for making it such a special Easter (again!), Memaw and Popaw! :)

Stay tuned for more of the fun we had during their visit. :)

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