A Beautiful Month in the Neighborhood

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“Catching Up” on editing before baby boy gets here isn’t looking too promising, but I’ve gotten through another month of family photos! It seems I was a bit snap-happy in March, so I’m going to break it up into two posts. Today: all the photos from home (and the neighborhood.)

Of course, like always, there was plenty of playtime in March, both inside…

two-year-old girl playing in castle tent, in playroom, reading books in bedroom - Ocean Springs lifestyle photographer

…and (mostly) outside!

two-year-old girl playing in driveway in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Our backyard looked so pretty with the azaleas in bloom!

little girl playing in backyard in Ocean Springs, Mississippi nature photographer

It’s the perfect spot for pre-church posing in pretty dresses. Afton has come to really like this little ritual and will even tell me that we need to “find a shady spot” for her picture. :)

two-year-old girl in church dresses in back yard

Our neighborhood became even more beautiful with so much Springtime color going on all around.

nature photography in Bienville Place neighborhood in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Our walks to the duck pond got even more frequent in this lovely weather!

duck pond visits in Ocean Springs, Mississippi - nature and family lifestyle photographer

Sometimes a baby doll came along. ;)

toddler girl walking baby doll in stroller

We started to make real-life neighborhood friends, too! :)

little girls playing together outside in neighborhood

One Saturday, playtime was so exhausting that Afton napped in the hammock on the deck (after months of no naps)!

two-year-old girl napping in hammock on back deck at home

We are so thankful to live in such a wonderful place! But stay tuned for proof that we did actually leave the block a few times this month. ;)

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