collage creations

My dear husband is out of town for a whole week. It's awful and sad in one way, but in another way, it's kind of awesome. I cherish my alone time, and I use it to do all kinds of things that I couldn't or wouldn't want to do with an audience. Like watching Dawson's Creek on Netflix all evening and breaking out my years-old boxes of tediously organized magazine cut-outs for some collage-making.  This particular collaging session was inspired by our recent re-modeling. Among a LOT of other things that I'll share later, we re-decorated our master bedroom with gray walls and lots of colorful artwork, including these two creations (circa 2007) that used to be in my apartment when I lived alone but have been hiding in the closet for over two years.


I've been so enjoying gazing at these while I lie in bed reading before bedtime that I decided to make some more.  

I don't think I like them as much as the old ones, but it's been a fun project. What do you think? Are they worthy of my etsy shop? Should I keep collaging?