Sightseeing in Marrakech

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I bet you thought I'd never get here... it's my FINAL post about our trip to Morocco! This is basically the "leftovers" post where I share all the pictures that didn't quite fit in to any of the other ones. ;) 

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Some lovely sights in Ville Nouvelle...

scenery details in Ville Nouvelle Marrakech

One of the most picturesque sights that we saw pretty much every day was the Koutoubia Mosque. Not being Muslim, we weren't allowed to go in, but it was fun to capture it from so many different angles when we spotted it from different parts of town.

Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech, Morocco

One of the secrets of excellent sight-seeing in Marrakech is taking carriage rides! We found that this mode of transport was typically no more expensive than a taxi, and so much more enjoyable! 

horse and buggy rides in Marrakech, Morocco

Of course, most of our sightseeing was done on foot. The photographic opportunities in the medina are really endless.

scenes from the Marrakech medina

So many colorful details! (I just added the rug photo below to my shop!).  

colorful architectural and artistic details in Marrakech, Morocco

Early in my visit, we ended up doing some sightseeing with this random "tour guide" who chatted us up in the street. Turns out this is a thing in Marrakech: locals are super friendly and want to take you under their wing and show you all kinds of secret stuff... then they get a little huffy when you don't want to pay them as much money for this service as they ask for. As with our shopping adventures, I wasn't too comfortable with this whole arrangement, but Alex handled it like a pro. And it wasn't a total scam--we did get to see some sights way off the beaten path that we would never have found. 

tourists in Marrakech

In Marrakech, even the taxi drivers want to take you the places they recommend, regardless of whether you're really interested. I assume this is a matter of friends trying to drive business to each other, and while it seemed a little sketchy at first, it did result in some fun surprises. Most notably, one taxi driver dropped us off at this tannery. I don't think I knew this term before our trip; a tannery is the place where leather is made. We got to see all kinds of animal hides and all the pools of various dyes they were soaking in. And we were even given sprigs of mint to hold in front of our faces to mask the stench!

tannery tour in Marrakech, Morocco

Another of my favorite fun details to photograph: doors!

beautiful wooden doors in Marrakech, Morocco

Especially colorful ones, of course!

colorful doors in Marrakech, Morocco

And that's it! I can't believe it took me 10 months and 11 posts to blog my way through one 10-day trip, but it really did extend the enjoyment of this awesome adventure! I'm still adding Morocco photos to my Etsy shop... let me know if there's one you want as a print, and we'll make it happen! :)