Where the Heart Is

It's time for another photographic review of the past month of my life. In March, it seems that I backed off on bringing my camera with me everywhere we went, so this whole post takes place in my neighborhood. Walks around the block with my macro lens just never get old. Our Gulf Coast may not have the four seasons that lots of places have, but if you look closely, you'll find plenty of little changes in nature throughout the year.

macro floral photography in Fort Bayou Estates, Ocean Springs, Mississippi

The rest of these photos are all right here in our house, where lots of playtime happens!

toddler girl playing with jack-in-the-box and puzzle
little girl on rocking horse (Ocean Springs lifestyle photographer)

Afton went through a phase where she didn't want to stay still long enough to have a whole book read to her, so it's been fun to watch her get more interested in books and explore them on her own. Someday she might even love children's books as much as her mama does. ;)

toddler girl playing with books in nursery (Ocean Springs lifestyle children's photographer)

She's still loving putting on Mommy and Daddy's shoes.

little girl wearing mommy's shoes

She's starting to learn to dress herself in her own clothes, too! :)

cute toddler learning to dress herself

This girl loves eating, and we're hoping she'll eventually figure how to do it without making a big mess. ;)

toddler eating with bib and sippy cup

She does clean up nice, at least! ;)

little girl in Anchor dress riding tricycle and picking camellias

She loves being outside, and the March weather was perfect for that.

little girl playing outside in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Not to mention, our yard was a beautiful place to be! :)

beautiful flowers in backyard in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

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