A Few of Our Favorite Things

These days, Afton is asserting her independence and letting us know what she does and does not like. A few of her favorite things right now are putting on and taking off shoes...

Ocean Springs in-home lifestyle photographer (toddler girl playing with shoes)

...riding her rocking horse...

toddler girl playing on handmade wooden rocking horse toy at home (Ocean Springs lifestyle family photographer)

....and trying to eat with a spoon (but mostly making a huge mess.)

baby girl learning to eating with a spoon, making mess with yogurt

Of course, playing outside is always a favorite...

little girl playing outside

...whether around our house...

toddler exploring backyard

...or at the playground!

playing at the park in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

The Blind Tiger is now featured in two blog posts in a row, so I think that qualifies it as a definite favorite of ours! The food is tasty, of course, but it's also just such a fun and relaxed place to hang out. And look at that sunset! 

Biloxi sunset at The Blind Tiger restaurant

Another of Afton's recent favorites: Mardi Gras beads! We caught tons of them at the Neptune parade in Biloxi.

Krewe of Neptune Mardi Gras parade in Biloxi, Mississippi

One of my favorite things about where we live: azaleas!

bright pink azaleas in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

I love them so much that I insisted that we pose by them in our Sunday best. ;)

family photos with azalea bushes (Ocean Springs family photographer)

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