Bunnies, Bubbles, & Bows (and Other April Adventures)

April was a fun month for us! The weather is still wonderful here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, so we are playing outside a lot! One day, we explored Inner Harbor Park, and Afton was a big fan of all the climbing opportunities on the playground! 

family fun at Inner Harbor Park in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

We all worked up an appetite, so our lunch at Baja Beach really hit the spot. 

shrimp kebab at Baja Grill in Biloxi

Another Saturday, Afton experienced her first Egg Hunt! 

egg hunt at Ocean Springs Little Children's Park

She wasn't too interested in finding eggs, and she HATED the Easter Bunny.

little girl scared of Easter Bunny

But once we got all that out of the way, we had a good time playing downtown and at the Little Children's Park. How cool is that giant xylophone?!

giant xylophone at Little Children's Park Ocean Springs

At home, doing puzzles has become a favorite.

toddler girl doing puzzle (Ocean Springs lifestyle photographer)

Afton is still into trying to dress herself, and we love hearing her say, "tutu!" 

little girl in purple tutu with Cabbage Patch doll

But her favorite thing to put on is hair bows. All at once, around her waist. I guess I've been doing it all wrong! ;)

toddler wearing hair bows around waist

A new favorite outdoor activity: blowing bubbles! "Bubbles" is a word she loves to say, too.

Ocean Springs family lifestyle photographer - parents blowing bubbles with toddler daughter

Unfortunately, she also loves to play with my iPhone (even though she has her own toy version). It's pretty funny when she holds it up to her ear and says "Hello!" but as you can see, it's not so funny when I take it away from her. :/

toddler playing with cell phone outside

I've stayed in the habit of taking photos of Afton every Sunday before church. Have to make sure all her cutest clothes are documented! 

Ocean Springs children's photographer (candid lifestyle photos)

I've been a little obsessed with this colorful dress ever since I bought it from The Unbroken Circle's booth at the Peter Anderson Festival last November. It's reversible, so it was totally worth the splurge. ;)

toddler in colorful Sunday dress

This next fashion statement is extra special. This cute dress and bag were handmade by Afton's grandma! Her talent as a quilter is second to none, and I'm so glad she's branching out into clothing! :) (This dress is reversible, too! I hope you can handle the suspense of wondering what the fabrics look like on the other side. ;)

little girl in handmade dress with matching bag

I saved the most important Sunday of all for last. Easter was a joyful day as usual! Afton must have forgotten how much she hated the Easter Bunny, because she was pretty happy about her basket!

little girl with Easter basket

We were amazingly not running late and even had enough time to ask someone to take a picture of us all together before church!

family photos on Easter Morning

We shared a lovely and delicious meal with friends at their home that afternoon. Check out this view!

toddlers blowing bubbles on porch

What a blessed day! Stay tuned for one more April adventure: our trip to Virginia in honor of a very special award winner is coming up next! 

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