A Day at the Audubon Zoo

During Memaw and Popaw’s visit in April, we made our first trip to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans!

Audubon Zoo New Orleans blog post

Afton was really into flamingoes (“‘mingoes”) at the time, so it was pretty neat that we saw those right away!

flamingo exhibit at New Orleans Audubon Zoo

But I think the giraffes turned out to be her favorite.

giraffes at Audubon Zoo New Orleans

I was partial to the acrobatics of this little monkey.

monkey at Audubon Zoo New Orleans

But of course, there was SO MUCH to see!

family fun at Audubon Zoo New Orleans

This place is huge! We definitely have to go back to really take it all in.

family having fun at Audubon Zoo New Orleans

After the zoo, we followed a local’s recommendation to Imperial Woodpecker Sno-balls for a little treat. We had to wait a pretty long time for our sno-balls, but they were definitely tasty!

Imperial Woodpecker Sno-balls in New Orleans

We thought we weren’t going to be hungry enough for dinner before leaving town, but we waited so long for our sno-balls that we got hungry for some real food. (Which was really ideal since leaving New Orleans without eating a restaurant meal would really be a crying shame, am I right?!) I was excited to check out a seafood place we hadn’t been before, and I was definitely not disappointed by Seaworthy.

Seaworthy - New Orleans seafood restaurant review

The food was delicious, and it was so peaceful outside in the courtyard. We had a great time at dinner! And the sno-balls didn’t stop us from ordering dessert. ;)

seafood and dessert at Seaworthy restaurant in New Orleans

Afton’s favorite thing (still) about New Orleans is seeing the “trolleys” like the one Daniel Tiger rides in his neighborhood. Such a perfect way to say “Goodbye, NOLA!”

little girl waving to trolley in New Orleans

It wasn’t long before our next visit, though… stay tuned! :)