Exploring Bahia Palace

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It's time for another glimpse into our trip to Morocco! Next up: Bahia Palace!

Marrakesh, Morocco Travel Blog: Bahia Palace Photos

This palace in the heart of the medina, but just inside the gate is the most peaceful garden! It's hard to appreciate from the photos, but the peaceful quiet of this spot was SUCH a welcome respite from the chaos all around. I really took my time strolling through this area to give my mind some rest.

peaceful botanical gardens outside Bahia Palace in Marrakech, Morocco

Tourists can't go inside the current royal palace in Marrakech, but this one is nearby and sometimes houses parts of the royal family. 

entryway of Bahia Palace with mosaic tile, blue and green decor - Morocco travel blog

Tile, carvings, paintings, gardens... There was so much to explore!

mosaic tile and stucco work in Marrakech, Morocco (Bahia Palace)

There are so many styles going on! I never knew what to expect, and it was so much fun to keep getting surprised!

colorful tile and wood paintings at Bahia Palace in Morocco
Morocco travel blog - intricate architectural details at Bahia Palace

Just when I thought we had seen it all, we entered this massive courtyard! Don't these colors just make you feel happy?

courtyard at Bahia Palace - Marrakech, Morocco photos

This place keeps going and going and going! Quite the adventure for the eyes. 

beautiful palace in Morocco - Bahia Palace photos

I was not expecting these amazing stained glass windows. Such a delightful surprise!

gorgeous stained glass at Bahia Palace in Marrakech, Morocco

I didn't even know until I read later that "Bahia" means "beautiful" or "brilliant." But what a fitting name, indeed! If you're planning a trip to Marrakech, definitely put it on your can't-miss list!