Driggers Family Portraits (Ocean Springs Family Photographer)

October and November might be busy season for portrait photographers, but on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, February is as good a time as any for a family portrait session! Especially when certain members of the family have been waiting 17 (!) years for this to happen! I was excited to photograph the Driggers family because they are SO MUCH FUN to be around... the blooming azaleas were just the icing on the cake! 

Ocean Springs family portraits with azaleas

Nell commented that 12 Oaks was a great spot because walking in the woods is something the Driggers fam loves to do in "real life." That's what I love about lifestyle portrait sessions... "real life" is exactly what I want to capture! Plus, it was perfect walking-in-the-woods weather. :)

candid family photos walking in woods in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

There was plenty of tree-climbing, too, of course! 

brothers climbing trees during family portrait session

These lovely ladies made my job a breeze.

mother and daughter portraits in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

And the guys' antics made it even more fun!

father and two sons being silly in the woods - Mississippi Gulf Coast family portraits

These good-lookin' kids are super smart and talented, too!

individual headshots of siblings during family portrait session - Ocean Springs, MS

So much fun family togetherness! We mixed it up with all kinds of combinations...

Ocean Springs Family Photographer (family portrait session in the woods)

But I have to tell you, my favorite shots from this session are the ones of Mom and Dad. Aren't these two just the cutest?!

husband and wife portraits in the woods - Ocean Springs, Mississippi photographer

Thank you, Driggers Family! Let's do it again in a little less than seventeen years, okay?! ;)