Badi Palace

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It's time for another glimpse into our Morocco trip! 

Badi Palace, Marrakech, Morocco Travel Blog

Badi Palace is the third and final palace we visited. It was built WAY back in 1578 and is really more of a ruin than a palace, which probably explains why it was my least favorite.  Not as much color and pattern, but the massive expanse was still pretty amazing to behold. 

ancient stone structure, Badi Palace, Red City, Marrakech Travelogue

It was fun to imagine what this courtyard might've looked like centuries ago when it really was inhabited by royalty.

Badi Palace ancient structure in Marrakech, Morocco

I thought we were already at top of the place, but it turned out there was a hidden staircase  leading up to an even higher balcony with quite a view! 

vista at Badi Palace, Marrakech, Morocco

Stayed tuned for more! Pretty sure I'm not even halfway done yet. ;)

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