Medersa Ben Youssef

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After we finished exploring the Marrakesh Museum, we headed right around the corner to the Ben Youssef Madrasa (Medersa Ben Youssef en Franรงais). 

Marrakech, Morocco Travel Blog: Medersa Ben Youssef Travel Photos and Travelogue

This ancient structure housed a theological school for several centuries.

Medersa Ben Youssef sign in Marrakech, Morocco

The tall arches and open-air courtyard definitely guide the mind heavenward, literally and figuratively. 

exterior of Medersa Ben Youssef in Marrackech, Morocco

The cedar, marble, and stucco carvings were awe-inspiring. Imagine all the geometry work necessary to create this design in the 16th century!

corridors, woodwork, and mosaic tile at Medersa Ben Youssef (Marrakech travel blog)

It was fun to explore the halls of tiny dormitory rooms that used to house boarding students. The conditions were austere but also so tranquil. If you're reading this you probably know I'm not Muslim, but this space had me feeling prayerful and contemplative nonetheless. 

Medersa Ben Youssef (Morocco travel blog)

But let's be honest, I mostly just wanted to stare at ALL THE COLORS of the amazing tile work. I can't get enough! I wish I could say I had a really sophisticated philosophical idea about this, but what I actually kept thinking of during the whole trip was this popsicle commercial from my childhood. THE COLORS, DUKE! THE COLORS! (I didn't even share this with Alex because he never gets my 90's pop culture references, so I'm telling you here in hopes that someone else remembers this commercial. Anyone? Bueller?) ;)

colorful mosaic tile at Medersa Ben Youssef in Marrakech (Morocco travel photography)

So glad I'm not colorblind like that poor dog in the commercial. Morocco would not have been the same! There's still SO MUCH MORE to come. If you want to keep in touch with a monthly-ish email from me, sign up down below! Oh, and let me know which of these photos you want to see in my Etsy shop! I'm a bit overwhelmed trying to decide!