FMS Photo a Day 2015, Week 41

The next Photo a Day prompts are the letters of the alphabet. What fun!

photo a day

October 5, 2015: A is for... Art. There's a lot of art in our house. This colorful gallery wall in our bedroom definitely boasts the most art per square foot. :) It includes a poster and postcards I bought as a teenager, original paintings by my brother and my childhood best friend, a collage I made myself, wedding gifts, and travel souvenirs from our trip to Hawaii. Featured artists: Patrice FederspielShelby Healey, David HockneyStig Marcussen, Henri Matisse, Linda SuzJessica Torrant.

colorful gallery wall (artwork)

October 6, 2015: B is for... Bark... and bokeh! (Have I mentioned lately how much I love my 100mm lens?)

tree bark, bokeh

October 7, 2015: C is for... Coffee! I used to be a casual coffee drinker, but now that I'm a mom, coffee is my BFF. ;)

coffee beans

October 8, 2015: D is for... Doors. Alex started working from home a few months ago, so we had these French doors installed so that he could close off his sunroom office. I really like them!

french doors to office

October 9, 2015: E is for... earrings. My Granny gave me these earrings as a college graduation gift, and I wear them almost every day. 

small square diamond earrings

October 10, 2015: F is for... Ford. The annual Cruisin' the Coast event is going on, so we spent some of our Saturday looking at classic cars downtown. None of my favorites started with F, but this blue Mustang isn't so bad. :)

antique Ford Mustang (blue) at Cruisin' the Coast, Ocean Springs

October 11, 2015: G is for... glass. I made this abstract design with some of our drinking glasses. :)

colorful abstract glass

Hooray for using the "real" camera every day this week! You think I can keep that up for the rest of the alphabet?!