FMS Photo a Day 2015, Week 40

I made it through another week of Photo a Day. I'm not so pleased with my images this time around, but I'm going to post anyway. I do feel good about sticking with it--it helps the days not to run together, which helps keep me sane. Without it, I think I'd forget what day it is!

September 28, 2015: Note. This prompt worked out well because I got caught up on my thank-you note writing (using these pretty notecards from Swallowfield on Etsy.) Over the past three weeks, people from our church have delivered dinner for us, and it has been so helpful--and delicious! I am so thankful for my church family! 

blue notecard and green tile table

September 29, 2015: I wish... I was a bit uninspired by this prompt somehow. I kept thinking of wishing on stars, so I snapped a photo of this metal starfish against a pretty throw pillow that sort of reminds me of the night sky.

dark blue circle with silver starfish

September 30, 2015: Kind. I often find myself talking to Afton about what kind of day we're having. Some days are sleepier or hungrier than others. This day was a snuggly kind of day.

baby snuggling with mom

October 1, 2015: Oops.  I loved these succulent centerpieces from Kim & Scott's wedding and was happy I got to bring home two of them. Sadly, I managed to let one of them die--oops! 

succulents in painted jars (blue, green, turquoise)

October 2, 2015: Garden. I finally pulled out the real camera for this one, and it's honestly the only photo from this week that I actually like. I took a little walk around the yard and took pictures of a few things that are actually in bloom, but I was most drawn to the moodiness of these dead hydrangeas.

dead hydrangea flowers (brown, green)

October 2, 2015: I saw this. We went to a new downtown restaurant (El Aguila) with some friends. The description of this salad was so enticing that I could not resist, and when I saw it come out of the kitchen, I knew I had made the right choice. It was SO tasty!


October 3, 2015: Tradition. Going to church is our typical Sunday tradition, and we actually did plan to go this week for the first time since Afton was born, but the unexpected cold-ish weather was enough to convince us to stay snuggled up at home. In lieu of taking a picture of my church, I took a picture of a book about church! I just finished reading Searching for Sunday by my favorite blogger, Rachel Held Evans. It is a beautifully honest exploration of the church in all its complexity, from the painful to the glorious. I highly recommend it! 

Searching for Sunday book by Rachel Held Evans