FMS Photo a Day 2015, Week 42

The alphabet continues this week! 

October 12, 2015: H is for... Hand. Aren't baby hands the cutest? And don't you think Tim Gunn would be proud that Afton is brave enough to mix stripes with polka dots? So fashion forward! ;)

Baby girl hand

October 13, 2015: I is for... Ice. I almost forgot to do this one and snapped this right before bed. Not bad for the 11th hour, I guess.

ice scoop in freezer

October 14, 2015: J is for... Jade. I bought this necklace at a yard sale and paid $5 more than the price tag said because I didn't have the heart to tell the lady (a second time) that she miscounted my change. It was still worth it! (Incidentally, the background in this image is a folder I got at a workshop led by the lovely and talented Erin Staples of Erin Rachel Photography and Sixth Bloom.... and it's where I keep my inventory of 8x10 and 8x12 images for my Etsy shop!)  

green jade necklace (jewelry macro) with orange and white dot backdrop

October 15, 2015: K is for... Kitchen.  I decided to keep it real by leaving the overflow of drying dishes (and breast pump parts!) on the counter. ;)

kitchen (interior design)

October 16, 2015: L is for... Leaves. (And since they're heart-shaped... love!)

heart-shaped leaves

October 17, 2015: M is for... Maison De Lu. We had dinner on the back patio of this restaurant, and it was SO GOOD!

Maison De Lu (Ocean Springs, Mississippi restaurant)

N is for... Nap. Afton conked out on Daddy's lap after church today. :)

baby girl napping on daddy's lap

I'll be back next week with O through U! :)