FMS Photo a Day 2015, Week 43

If you've been following along, the next Photo a Day prompts won't be surprising. ;)

October 19, 2015: O is for... Owl. This cute guy is part of Afton's play gym and makes a jolly jingling sound when she swats at him. :)

toy owl on baby play gym

October 20, 2015: P is for... Peacock feather. I borrowed this feather from a pretty arrangement (made by my husband!) that adorns our mantel and had a little photo shoot in the back yard. I fell in love with a lot of the shots but finally settled on this one after polling my Facebook and Instagram friends (thanks, guys!).

peacock feather art photo

October 21, 2015: Q is for... Quilt. I already posted photos of the front of the pretty quilt that my mother-in-law made for Afton (when I showed you her nursery), so I thought I'd switch it up and shoot the edges instead.

edges of pastel baby quilt (pink, green, purple)

October 22, 2015: R is for... Reading.  I think I actually did too much reading about babies before Afton was born. All the (often conflicting) opinions became overwhelming after a while. I did learn a few things, but I think I probably would've been okay without all these books. 

baby books for new parents

October 23, 2015: S is for... Sailfish. This guy hangs on the wall of our living room. Not exactly my style, but I've learned to live with him.


October 24, 2015: T is for... Toes. When Afton was a few days old, Alex kept saying/singing to her, "Afton Rose has a cute little nose." I think it's safe to say that Afton Rose has cute little toes, too! ;) The blanket in this photo was crocheted by ladies in our church and delivered to us last week--so special!

baby toes with crochet blanket

October 25, 2015: U is for... Umbrella. This one seemed pretty obvious since it rained today--for the first time all month! And I even had a willing model! 

man walking down street with umbrella on raining day

Another week of Photo a Day is in the books! Next week is my last full week of maternity leaves, so I'll stick around for at least one more round. :)