21 Day Photo Challenge, Day 14: Three Things

One of the cool things about this 21-day photo challenge is that it's helped to integrate my photography with my everyday life. Some days (like yesterday) I've had to go out of my way to find something that fits the theme, but other days, I've been able to snap a picture of something that would've been part of my day anyway (this was especially true on days 2 and 11). I've liked those days best, so I decided to use today's fairly ambiguous theme (three things) in a way that ties in with the normal (non-photography) goings-on of the day. I probably could have found three things at church, but I decided to go more mundane. So, here we have three pieces of fruit from my grocery-shopping trip. :)


I'm not sure that I love the picture. But the cognitive re-framing that happens when a weekly chore becomes an opportunity for artistic expression? That, I love.