21 Day Photo Challenge, Day 13: Into the Sun

The theme for Day 13 of the challenge was "into the sun." I took some good sunset pictures earlier this week, but I'm not a cheater, so that doesn't count. I figured I could get another one today, but things didn't work out as planned. I was out sailing in the sun all afternoon with my husband and our friend, but we finished before sunset, and I wanted to wait for a better photo-op. My husband and I went home to change clothes to go out to eat and thought we had timed it just right, but unfortunately the sun was just below the horizon by the time we got back to a good photo spot (our house is so enveloped in live oak trees that I can never really see much sky from the house.) 


So plan B (props to husband for thinking of it) was this photo of a painting of the sun. It's part of a mural downtown and was painted by a much-celebrated local artist named Walter Anderson. He passed away in 1965, but his spirit still shines in this place, and it's a beautiful thing. Much more beautiful than this photo.