21 Day Photo Challenge, Day 15: Travel

The theme for Day 15 of the challenge was travel. I love exploring new places and cultures, so I was inspired by this one. I gathered up some travel paraphernalia from around the house and created some still life vignettes on the dining room table. I thought I was going to love a shot of Bermuda stuff including a beautiful article in the newest issue of Garden and Gun... but once I got it on my computer, I decided it was ugly. The only photo I liked was one of this map, but it was a little boring on its own, so I spiced it up with some text.


These words of wanderlust from On the Road really resonate with me. I always think it's weird when people say things like "I want to go to Italy" or "My dream is to go Hawaii." Why just those places? How can you just pick one? Anytime anyone says they want to go anywhere, I agree. Because I want to go everywhere.