hometown beauty

I finally got around to redecorating my office today at work.  I'll post photos soon, but for now, I want to share something sad that happened when someone walked into my office and saw this photo on the wall.


"Whoa! Beautiful! I wish I could be there!" she said. She believed it was a faraway, exotic land--somewhere she couldn't go, and certainly not somewhere in yucky old Mississippi. Why did this make me sad? Because I took this picture less than ten miles away from where this conversation was taking place. It's in our very own hometown. We live in this amazing exotic place everyday, and some of us miss it.

Please, please, don't miss out on the amazing creation God built for us. No matter where you live, go outside and wander around with a camera (or just your eyes). Leave behind your phone and your attitude. And I promise, you will find beauty.