Help me identify flowers!

I need your help, readers! You may have noticed that I enjoy taking pictures of flowers. Some of them are familiar to me (like azaleascamelliashydrangeas...), but I must admit that I typically have no idea what I'm looking at. I sometimes put flower photos in my etsy shop with lame titles like "delicate flower," but I'd prefer to be able to be a bit more specific. So... help! If you know what any of these flowers are, please let me know in the comments. Thank you in advance!


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: Success! I posted this in my flickr stream and was directed to an amazing flickr user who identified ALL of these for me--thanks, Brent ! I'm posting the list here in case you're curious (and so that I can always find it):

1. Centaurea cyanus (pink form)

2. Zinnia (species)

3. Sisyrinchium campestre

4. Lantana camara (purple)

5. Lantana camara

6. Some type of Daisy

7. Some type of Prunus

8. Brugmansia

9. might be a Coreopsis

10. Salvia

11. Gerbera jamesonii

12. Odontonema strictum

13. Lantana camara

14. Lycoris radiata

15. Lonicera sempervirens

16. Magnolia

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