Re-decorating my office!

My office just got a facelift! I'm a mental health therapist by day, and the space I use for that isn't ideal--no windows, fluorescent light, walls that need to be painted/cleaned/patched, and artwork that was actually upsetting to more than one client. No more! After months of agonizing over which of my own photos to choose, I finally made a decision, bought prints, frames, and mats, and made it happen!


I may be a bit biased, but the room really does feel more therapeutic now. I get to look at waves rolling in and pine trees reaching toward the sky while my clients gaze at a natural reflection in water and a seagull in the sky. Soaring above it all to gain a better perspective? Reaching toward heaven? Calmly reflecting...? The counseling metaphor possibilities are endless! My mental health is improving already.