Scenes from March & April

Flashback to March!

little girl with azaleas in March in Ocean Springs, MS

Sweet T came to town to help us out before Jonas’s due date. Memaw and Popaw stopped by on their way out west, too. I was feeling pretty crappy by this point in pregnancy (still ok in the scheme of things but SO MUCH worse than when I was pregnant with Afton), so I didn’t take many pictures.

three-year-old girl playing with grandmothers

Jonas finally showed up! His entrance into the world was pretty similar to Afton’s, although instead of waiting as long as my doctor would allow, I was induced one day short of 41 weeks to ensure I wasn’t giving birth when my doctor was out of town!

newborn baby in hospital

Most of the earliest photos of him were taken with my phone, which is one reason I’m so thankful for our professional newborn photos. It is so hard to get enough distance from baby to get behind the camera in those early days!

newborn baby boy

All the things “they” say about second babies have been pretty true for us. When Afton was born, I barely left the house for 2 months, but I was ready to go to church when Jonas was just 6 days old! This was partly because compared to the end of my pregnancy I felt pretty great, but it was also because Afton loves church so much and I hated to make her miss out. With an active three-year-old, life just can’t stop for the newbie!

newborn baby boy with big sister at church

I didn’t manage many photos when Grandaddy was in town, but I’m glad we have this one at least.

family photo with new baby after church

This cute marlin onesie from Uncle Nathan and LiLing seemed a perfect match for the back side of this quilt made by Memaw. (I’ll share the front side in my next post.)

one month old baby boy with fish onesie and quilt

Afton had fun at her school’s Easter Egg Hunt…

Montessori preschool Easter egg hunt

…and she was thrilled that the whole family was able to come. :)

Easter party at Montessori preschool

Memaw and Popaw got to meet Jonas after their adventure out west… just in time for Easter!

little girl with Easter basket

Jonas rocked an Easter bonnet like a true Southern babe. ;)

baby boy in Easter bonnet

Easter Sunday family photos were a little tricky, but we tried… and even got Pastor Scott in one! ;)

Easter Sunday family photos

This is what Easter dinner looks like when you’re married to The Seafoodie. And it was DELISH!

seafood Easter dinner

Memaw and Popaw got in plenty of playtime and baby snuggles…

little kids visiting with grandparents

…and enjoyed some of the best parts of Ocean Springs, including a walk on the beach and a delicious lunch downtown. This was my first (and only so far) time eating at the new RAW Oyster Bar, and it was VERY tasty. :)

Ocean Springs, Mississippi beach, shops, restaurants

Life is a little hectic with these two, but it couldn’t get much sweeter. :)

three-year-old sister and baby brother