In Praise of Wedding Albums

If you've ever had a conversation with me about photography, you probably know that I am a huge proponent of tangible photo products; today I'm talking about my favorite one: albums! Wedding albums, to be exact. It is an honor to document wedding memories for brides and grooms, and I'm confident that the best way I can do this for my clients is by providing a beautifully designed album. 

wedding photography in Ocean Springs, Mississippi - wedding albums

An album is a great way to display the gorgeous portraits that are likely to also end up on your walls. 

wedding portraits in wedding album - Ocean Springs wedding photographer

But I think albums are even more important for the other photos. When you plan a wedding, you put a great deal of thought and care into choosing your dress, flowers, shoes, cake... ALL the details! And I LOVE photographing those details! But let's be honest, you probably aren't going to hang prints of shoes or cakes on your wall, right? But you'll love poring over your album to remember them all!

Ocean Springs, MS wedding photographer - details in layflat wedding album

Albums can tell the full story of your wedding day, including those special in-between moments you don't want to forget.

Ocean Springs wedding photography - wedding day album

And when I say wedding album, I'm not talking about a flimsy picture book--sorry, Shutterfly. The albums I design are high-end and sturdy--they're not just mementos, but true heirlooms. With rigid, layflat pages and linen covers, these albums show off your photos beautifully and will last for generations. You can choose the cover color and customized inscription, so your album will be as unique as you!

high-end layflat wedding album with linen cover - wedding photographer in Ocean Springs, MS

It's the perfect adornment to your coffee table, too. You'll want to look at it all the time! Your guests will too, which means you get to re-tell the story of your day over and over! Having wedding images right there where you gather is a great reminder that your home is rooted in the covenant of marriage, and that's definitely a good thing. 

wedding photo album on coffee table - Ocean Springs wedding photography album

There are a million reasons why I think you should order a wedding album, but the most important one has the least to do with you. Wedding albums are fun for you to have, but unlike most (all?) of the other investments you make for your wedding, they increase in value over time. I started out this post saying that this is my favorite way to serve brides and grooms, but it actually goes way beyond that. Your wedding album will be special to you, but it will be even more precious to your children, and their children, and their children. They won't be looking at your Facebook albums or your Instagram stories, and they might not have the prints you put on your wall, but your album will always be around to represent the legacy of your love story, and that is a beautiful thing, indeed.