Christmas Recap

Now that we're all settled into 2017, how about a look back at December? It was a hectic month, and I didn't take as many photos at home as usual, but I did manage to capture Afton performing two of her newest tricks at the same time: climbing onto the coffee table and playing peekaboo!

toddler girl playing peekaboo at Christmas time

Of course, Christmas in Kentucky was the obvious highlight of December, and I did take plenty of photos to document that. Sweet T and Granddaddy's house was beautifully decorated as usual. 

Christmas tree, gifts, ribbon, decorations

Our sugar cookies may not have been all that beautiful, but they sure were tasty. :)

Christmas sugar cookies

I always have fun playing with Christmas light bokeh...

Christmas tree bokeh with colorful lights

...but this year I decided to try experimenting with different shapes. It was kind of tricky, but I think my results are kind of neat even though they aren't perfect. Perhaps I will master this next year!

heart and star-shaped bokeh with colorful Christmas lights (abstract art by Uninvented Colors Photography)

Afton had tons of fun exploring her grandparents' house.

toddler exploring grandparents' house

Not to mention the big world outside!

Pleasant Avenue, Ashland, Kentucky
toddler girl with grandfather

She enjoyed a visit from some of her great great aunts...

little girl at Christmas time with family and new toy

...and she entertained the crowd on Christmas Eve.

spunky baby girl on Christmas Eve with silly antlers

My attempts at family photos were not as successful as last year...


...but I managed to at least get Afton in a picture with each of her most adoring fans. :)

four generations of women at Christmas

Even uncle Alex, who we thought was not going to be able to come home for Christmas this year! I had been super bummed about the prospect of spending Christmas without my brother (for the first time since he was born!), so his presence was a very exciting Christmas surprise!

baby girl with mom and uncle at Christmas

We were so glad to spend time with this guy!

family fun on Christmas Eve

Afton had fun opening presents on Christmas morning! She (and we!) got so many wonderful new toys and clothes! We flew to Kentucky this year, so the big gifts haven't made it to Mississippi yet. It'll feel like Christmas all over again next time Sweet T comes to visit with presents in tow!

opening presents on Christmas morning

Afton loved her new "car" and "popper" so much that she could not decide between them and insisted on playing with them both at the same time. 

spunky toddler playing with new toys outside

She eventually gave up and reverted to her typical behaviors of walking down the middle of the road and showing off her belly. ;)

toddler playing in street outside

Granddaddy joined us for some fabulous playtime at the park!

little girl playing at park with mom and grandfather (Central Park, Ashland, Kentucky)

It's always so wonderful being around so much family! Not only did Afton's aunt and uncle babysit while we joined my parents and Granny for a concert at the Paramount... Sweet T and Grandaddy also let Alex and I have a rare date night! We enjoyed dinner and a walk around the park. 

Christmas lights and sunset at Ashland, Kentucky Central Park

I hope your Christmas was as merry as ours. :)