Christmastime with a 2-year-old

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Now that the holiday season is upon us, it seems appropriate to share photos of Christmastime… LAST YEAR! You see, it seems that I have not quite gotten the hang of how to balance sharing client work with personal photography, so I’m a wee bit behind, and let’s be honest, it might just stay that way forever. I could choose to feel guilty or embarrassed and apologize for being “late,” but instead, I choose to be grateful that despite a busy year of photographing other people, I never stopped using my camera to document my own beautiful life, too. I choose to be thankful that these images have patiently waited all year for me to savor their beauty and reflect on the precious moments that have passed. I frequently remind clients that the photos we create together will increase in sentimental value over time, and I truly believe that about my own photos, too. Pictures of December 2017 are even sweeter now than they would have been last year. If you disagree, you may want to stay away from my blog for a while, because this is just the first of many installments of year-old photos. ;)

Christmastime with a two-year-old - toddler Christmas photos

This time last year, we took a lot of walks around our neighborhood. We have moved across town since then, so it really is a stroll down memory lane to remember the sights along this route around our old house.

We put our Christmas tree in a different spot than usual, and I loved it! It was so picturesque having it right next to the stockings* (and the fireplace which we actually used a couple times!). We quickly learned that having delicate ornaments hanging above hardwood floor can be hazardous, though, so we were extra careful this year!

Can you spot which ornament we got in Morocco?

As usual, we left town for Christmas. The drive to Kentucky is a long one, but luckily our dear friends the Lillys live in the perfect halfway spot and were kind enough to host three weary travelers. Afton had such fun “helping” Lucy bake cookies!

This was our second time visiting with baby Rhoades… these two are lifelong friends for sure! :) I hope this sweetness foreshadows what a great big sister Afton is going to be when baby brother arrives in March!

There’s plenty more two-year-old Afton where this came from, so if you’re into that, stay tuned. ;)

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