Summer Travels

The air is getting just slightly chillier here in the deep south, and it has me feeling a bit wistful about fall weather. I really wish we had planned a mountain getaway for this month, but alas, we're staying here in the land of no changing leaves. To get my mind off this bummer, I'm going to focus on all the traveling we have gotten to do in recent months. I already blogged about our Cape Cod adventures, but we've been to some other places, too! 

Afton had a blast on her first trip to Duck, North Carolina. She loved splashing in the water... and eating sand.

baby girl's first beach trip

She wore herself out and learned that beach naps are the best naps.

baby girl napping on beach towel

Our beach time was rained out one day, so she had fun exploring the beach house.

baby girl playing in beach house

She got lots of love from Daddy's side of the family! Maybe next year she'll manage to look toward the camera for the group photo. ;)

family beach vacation (Duck, North Carolina)

In July, we traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee for a dear friend's wedding. We arrived a day early so that we could spend some time with my family, and we really enjoyed exploring downtown!

Old Town Knoxville storefronts and architecture

We even did a tiny bit of shopping. Sweet T treated me to an early birthday gift of some Chewbeads necklaces from this adorable boutique, and they have been a big hit! (I also bought new sunglasses because air travel with babies is hard, and mine got lost in some airport somewhere. ;))

downtown Knoxville shopping (Bliss and Fizz boutiques)

We took a leisurely stroll through this cool sculpture garden.

sculpture garden in Knoxville, Tennessee

Then we took a trip to the zoo! Can you tell I'm partial to turtles?

Knoxville Zoo

Next up, a few weeks ago, we headed to DC for a work event for Alex. We didn't have much extra time in town, but we did make a visit to the Smithsonian.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (sign and elephant)

We visited the Oceans Hall and even found a video of a certain handsome scuba diving researcher we happen to know. ;)

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Oceans Hall (whale)

While Alex was in a meeting, Afton and I took a walk along the National Mall.

National Mall (Capitol and Washington Monument) in Washington, DC

We got a little restless waiting for Daddy to get finished...

One year old girl playing in grass

...but he finally joined us for a tasty dinner at b Restaurant. We got to see the presidential motorcade go by while we ate!

burger and fries

The next day, we headed to Charleston, South Carolina for cousin Timmy's lovely wedding (Afton's first one!) I know these phone photos aren't so good, but I'm hoping her cuteness makes up for it. :)

family snapshots at wedding reception

I had really been hoping for lots of time to wander around Charleston with my (real) camera, but scheduling did not allow, so I settled for a few shots at Red's, where we enjoyed a yummy dinner with wonderful family after the wedding. Cousin Nina was so sweet to Afton and wanted to push the stroller every chance she got!

Red's Restaurant in Charleston, SC

....And now we're back in Mississippi. Now that it's not 100 degrees, I guess it's not so bad after all. ;)