Home Sweet Home with Sweet Afton

Now that I've blogged about all the trips we've taken, how about I catch up on recent photos taken right here at home sweet home? Warning: literally every photo in this post is of Afton, so if you're tired of those, you may want to move along. ;)

cute baby girl at home

Afton has been loving playing with her books, which really makes this literature nerd mama happy.

baby girl playing with board books in nursery

Now that she's been walking for a while, I'm so glad I have photos of her cute crawling!

baby girl laughing, crawling, playing

I've tried to take a lot of Sunday pictures of her since that's when she has on her prettiest clothes, but I'm afraid some of her beautiful outfits did not get documented before she outgrew them. :(

baby girl in Sunday dress with mom

She has been into everything! She plays the piano, pulls down every book in her reach, opens her closet door to find more books (and clothes) to play with, and even (only once) climbed into one of her toy bins. 

toddler girl playing at home

This purple dress is one of my favorites.

portraits of cute one-year-old girl in front yard with purple floral dress

She loves to be upside-down, and contrary to what Daddy predicted, she actually does sit in her very own chair that we got her for her birthday.

toddler girl with Pottery Barn chair

(Only for very brief periods of time, of course.)

cute baby girl in her own easy chair

And she still loves the window. :)

adorable baby girl sitting in windowsill in pajamas
cute pictures of little girl in baby window

It is so fun to watch her personality develop, and I think it's going to be a big one! :)

adorable baby girl in floral suit outside, playing with stick