A Day in Fairhope

I know I just blogged about our winter, but there was one lovely day last February that deserves its own post. Alex, Afton, and I invited our dear friends Tom and Lucy to join us for a leisurely day in one of our favorite little towns: Fairhope, Alabama. Of course Ocean Springs is our favorite little town, but we were needing a change of scenery, and Fairhope was just the ticket. We started our day with a relaxing walk along the pier.

sunny day at pier in Fairhope, Alabama

Then we meandered into downtown...

ivy leaves on white wall, pink tulips on sunny day

...and did a little browsing.

The Fairhope Store
antique shops in Fairhope, Alabama

The beaten path was getting a little crowded, so we took a detour and strolled through some pretty neighborhoods.

charming homes in Fairhope, Alabama

This place is so full of charming little details!

neighborhood details in Fairhope (flower, Little Library, Mardi Gras decor)

As tends to happen every time we're in Fairhope, we ended up wandering over to The Grand in Point Clear.

The Grand, Point Clear, Alabama

It is such a peaceful place to explore.

pink flower bloom at pond edge

Tom was kind (and brave) enough to snap a family photo for us! And yet he somehow managed not to be in any pictures himself. 

family and friend photos at The Grand

We ended our day with a delicious dinner at the Wash House Restaurant.  I would not have agreed to go there with a baby in tow if I had realized how fancy it was, but I'm glad I didn't know, because I would not have wanted to miss this meal. It was SO GOOD. And Afton behaved beautifully, so all was well. :) 

Wash House Restaurant in Point Clear, Alabama

Remembering this day is making me want to go back soon!