Winter with Afton

It's time for the next installment in my attempt to catch up on blogging personal photos. And by personal photos, of course I mean mostly photos of Afton. :) Flashback to this past winter. One Sunday after church, she was having fun playing on her play gym...

baby girl playing with play gym

...when Mommy decided that the combination of her adorable outfit (thanks, Sweet T!) and the gorgeous light outside meant that it was time to go outside and play with the (brand new at the time) 50mm Art lens. 

daddy and baby girl winter portraits
mom and baby girl winter portraits

I hate to admit my favorite photo from this little impromptu backyard session was taken by Alex. Look at those eyes!

baby girl with bright blue eyes and red winter coat

During the following months, Afton had tons of fun with tummy time and starting to sit up.

baby girl with daddy on couch
cute baby girl with mom outdoors

One day, our friend Emily invited us to the park, where her sweet kids Nathanael and Karis demonstrated their fabulous swinging skills.

kids swinging at Little Children's Park in Ocean Springs

Afton had to try it out for herself, and she was a big fan!

baby girl's first time swinging

Winter time was also when she turned 6 months old and started eating solid food! We started with avocado, which she loved. (We've since learned she loves eating pretty much everything, except peas.)

avocado as baby's first solid food (with bib in high chair)

We've had so much fun with this sweet girl!

baby girl playing with toys

More catch-up coming soon. :)