Wedding Photos on Etsy!

My photography business is quite diversified these days. At one end of the spectrum are weddings, and on the other, there's my Etsy shop. They don't interact much... until today! There are nine new photos in my shop, and ALL of them were captured at weddings!

I loved these gorgeous hydrangeas in the gardens at Emma's Bay House during Tricia & Clayton's wedding.

Before Gretchen & Stuart's wedding, I enjoyed the view from their South Beach Hotel balcony. Doesn't the pool look cool from up above?

There were lots of seagulls at Gretchen & Stuart's wedding, too!

And the lights at all these weddings help me create some fabulous abstract images, too!

You can click on any of these images to go straight to the Etsy listing, or just visit my shop to explore. And stay tuned, because TONS of travel photos will be showing up there soon. :)