I love you, 100mm Macro.

Well, folks... I've fallen in love again. I am giddy about my new 100mm macro lens. It is SO fabulous! 

macro fern and flower (Uninvented Colors Photography)

My flower photos finally look how I've always wanted them to look.

macro lantana flowers (Uninvented Colors Photography)

These pink flowers below are in the corner of my yard, and they are TINY. I have always thought they were pretty, and I've tried and tried to photograph them over the years with multiple cameras and lenses, all to no avail. I had literally NEVER gotten a decent shot with these in focus until now. It was such a delight to line up my center auto focus point with this bloom and see it come into perfect focus through my viewfinder the very first time I tried! These are the kinds of things that thrill a photographer. Don't judge. ;)

macro flower and leaves (Uninvented Colors Photography)
macro closed flower (Uninvented Colors Photography)
colorful macro flowers (Uninvented Colors Photography)
beautyberry macro (Uninvented Colors Photography)

This rabbit shot is another first. I see tons of these little guys when I walk in my neighborhood in the evenings--I once saw 12 of them in one mile-long walk. I frequently try to take photos, but I can never get close enough since they always hop away when they see me. No more! The 100mm focal length helped me get my first ever (decent) rabbit shot. :)


Here's another one I could never have gotten with another lens. I love this delicate little bloom.

macro brown flower
heart shaped leaves
acorns and berries
autumn leaf macro with bokeh
tree bark and macro plant

Oh, the beautiful bokeh! I will never tire of this. 

azalea plant bokeh