Cruisin' the Coast (With New Camera Gear!)

Big news for Uninvented Colors: this week, I got a new camera body and two amazing lenses! I am still a little overwhelmed, to be honest. So many new toys to play with! I actually kind of have a complex about not deserving this top-notch gear, so I've decided to try to live up to its quality by committing to keeping my new Canon 6d in Manual mode at all times. So far, I've stuck to it, and it feels good. My first time using it was this past weekend, which happened to be the end of Cruisin' the Coast, also knows as "America's Largest Block Party." 

It was the perfect occasion for trying out my new 35mm 1.4 lens! The wide angle and full frame body were so helpful for getting a lot into the frame despite the crowds and narrow streets in downtown Ocean Springs. I must admit this lens is HEAVY, but I love it already!

I never could have gotten these angles with my crop-sensor camera and nifty fifty! 


I really worked up an appetite lugging that lens around, so a little grub was in order. And a pineapple Mojito, of course. ;)

Amazingly enough, I was able to keep taking well-lit photos after dark! What a thrill! 

Alex and I didn't quite get our fill on Friday night, so we did a bit more exploring on Saturday morning. 

How come cars can't look this cool these days?!

The classic cars have (mostly) cruised away from the coast... until next year! 

Stay tuned for my next post to find out which other lens I've added to my collection. :)