Photo Op Firsts

As promised, I'm back to share some shots from a couple of recent photo ops. First, there was the very unexpected wintry weather! I never thought I'd get a "snow day" while living on the Gulf Coast, but we ended up with three days off work because of the ice that enveloped us a couple of weeks ago! It was a fun sight to behold.

Unfortunately, the crazy weather also foiled my husband's plans to travel to San Antonio for a presentation at a conference for his work. I had planned to meet him on the last day of the conference so that we could spend the weekend with our friends the Cokes (remember them?), but I ended up going without him. It was a bummer, but I still made the best of my first-ever trip to Texas!

So many new images to edit and share! Only one of these has made it into my Etsy shop , but I hope to make time to list more soon. Which ones would you like to see there?