Finding my Style (Or in a Rut?)

I've been listing lots of new stuff in my shop lately, and it feels good. I've just realized, though, that two of my new listings are a lot like two of my old ones. My shop now has two photos of the back(s) of (a) person(s) sitting on a park bench. With (a) tree(s) off to the side(s).

 And... two photos of parks with practically the same composition: tree on the left, gazebo in the middle, light post on the right.

Weird, right? Or... not? I can't decide. Have I run out of ideas? Am I boring? Have I stopped being creative ? Am I stuck?

On the other hand... there are many great artists whose work I recognize when I see it... even new works I haven't seen before, just because I know the "style." For example, when I see a new photo in my news feed on Etsy or in my contacts on Flickr, I know if it's Elle Moss or Carolyn Cochrane or Laura Evans. I've learned to recognize the unique ways these ladies see the world, and I think that's a good thing.  Am I getting there?

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. I'd love to know your thoughts!