Where in the World are my Etsy Customers?

Have I mentioned how much I love all the wonderful members of fPOE, the Female Photographers of Etsy? Well, it's a lot. They are inspiring and kind and give me so many good ideas. Case in point: Jillian Audrey recently shared a link to this awesome map of where all her customers have come from. Brilliant, eh? I couldn't resist making my own. Here's a zoomed-out version including my amazing international customers:

And here's a close-up of those in the good ole US of A (and Canada):

It's pretty cool to see a visual representation of the fact that my photos (plus a couple of collages and a painting) have found new homes in 29 states and four foreign countries! It's interesting to see the breakdown, too--SIX each in California, New York, and Texas. Thanks, guys! I hope to see more states and countries represented soon! :)