heron serendipity

I've been wanting to take a decent picture of a great blue heron since I first started spotting them when I was new to the coast, but it's hard to get close to them without freaking them out. On an unrelated note, I've always wanted to try to create silhouettes with photography.  You see where I'm going with this. On Sunday, I took a long walk on the beach with my awesome new camera, and, amazingly, a heron perched on a piling and posed for me for the longest time. I could only photograph it from one angle since I was standing out on a dock, and I was shooting almost straight into the sun, so it created a silhouette effect with no real effort on my part at all. So cool! I took a BUNCH of pictures, but these are two of my favorites:

What do you think? Should these be listed in my etsy shop? If so, should I offer them separately or as a set? (I've never done a set, but it might be interesting...)