oh, for the love of color!

One of my favorite things to do online is to make treasuries on etsy. I'll use pretty much any excuse to browse this wonderful site (and drool over all the things I'd have if space and money were unlimited), but it's especially fun to feel like I'm curating my own little art gallery. If you've visited my etsy shop (or my apartment), you know that I love color; that was the inspiration for my latest treasury. I'm so in awe of some of these artworks that I can't resist sharing!

Check out this beautiful "Canyon Dreams" painting by Pam Van Londen! I could just stare at these rich colors all day long. I love how you can so clearly see the brushstrokes and that the minute details of the landscape aren't there, and yet this image is unmistakably a beautiful canyon and river. Pam says she's inspired by "the visual patterns and dance of light," and that definitely comes through in this piece. There's no big yellow circle of a sun, but the perception of sunlight really shines through! Perhaps that's because Pam does her painting "en plein air" meaning that she's outdoors while she paints. She also paints daily, so there are many beautiful canvases to look through in her shop! There's a lot of variety in terms of style, subject matter, and size (and therefore price), so go have a look! You're sure to be inspired.

Since I started my etsy shop, I have become more and more aware that I have quite a fascination with trees. Most of my favorite photos are of trees, and I always gravitate toward other artists' representations of trees, too. An example is this lovely little painting by Elizabeth Soares, aka elleven11. I love the thickness of paint and that each leaf is so distinct. If only leaves could turn blue and purple in autumn in real life! Elizabeth has a very consistent style throughout her shop, so I can imagine that several of her pieces grouped together would be just fabulous on a wall. Check out all the options in her shop!

This next piece by Amy Gibson and Andrea Read of colorstorydesigns combines my loves of color and trees with my favorite material to play with: pieces of old magazines! I love that it's three-dimensional like a diorama! These tree shadowboxes come in all different sizes and color schemes, so there's something for everyone's aesthetic.

This shop also has some of the coolest mirrors and picture frames I have ever seen. Check them out!

Other color-loving artists included in my treasury were whimsyfishbdollcojlovesupremeChatonDesignsMadeMarywoollyfabulousmissmosh,peacockandpeccary, andmagicrayons. Exploring their shops will brighten your day, I'm sure. :)