be her guest

Brigita of the etsy shop bluejules graciously allowed me to be a guest blogger today! She's starting a series called "around the world," in which artists and crafters introduce both their creations and the places where they live. Since my photography is so closely tied to where I live and have lived, I thought it would be fun to join in. See what I have to say here!

...yeah yeah, I know it's a bit ironic that I'm struggling with my commitment to blogging for Lent and yet have no trouble contributing to other people's blogs. It doesn't make sense to me, either.

Wait. Actually, it does. This was easier because it was like an assignment (albeit a voluntary one.) There was a deadline. And guidelines. Like graduate school. Like what I'm used to. I associate writing with duty and evaluation now and am having trouble linking it to my own mental health and spiritual growth. My guest blog is sort of personal and reflective though. Apparently I can still do that, but only on demand.

Graduates school is eating away at my soul.

I am kidding, but only sort of.