14 and counting

How about an update about my etsy shop? I have so much fun with it, and I'm up to 14 sales! Here's what I've sold...

Two prints of this photo of a Live Oak on USM's campus. It's definitely my favorite Mississippi picture. I really, really miss the hills, but trees like this are one of the things that I love about this place.

Two prints of this funny photo from Costa Rica. Maybe my favorite picture I've ever taken.

Two prints of this photo of beautiful Autumn Leaves in Emory, VA (where I went to college.)

Two prints of these crazy male nuns in Prague. (I wish I had an explanation for this.)

One of these. This photo was actually taken just a few yards form those yellow leaves (but months later.)

One of these, which was a surprise! It's a picture of the inside of my windshield while I was driving through a car wash.

One of these redbuds. This one was taken at Central Park in Ashland, KY (my hometown.)

One of these from a shrimp boat tour in Biloxi.

One of these from my trip to Walden Pond.

And this one, which I took on my trip to St. Francisville with my friend Natalie in December. This was my most exciting sale, because the buyer contacted me and wanted an enlargement because she was so in love with it. She ended up ordering a 16x20, and it looked wonderful!

It was rather ironic too, because this is not one of my personal favorites at all. Since someone loved a photo that I think is just ok, I've started adding new photos to my shop more often, thinking something similar might happen again. Go check them out!