Unboxing The Mighty Mama Box

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In case you haven’t heard… the Millers will be welcoming a baby boy to our family in a few short weeks! As we prepare for his arrival, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with several small business owners who create awesome baby products that I get to photograph! Today I get to share the first of those collaborations with you! I guess I should clarify that I can share this one before baby boy gets here because it’s actually not for him… it’s for me! ;)

subscription box for postpartum moms

Meet The Mighty Mama Box! It’s a monthly subscription box just for expecting and postpartum moms! Founder Alyssa Martinez is a momma herself and seeks to help other moms feel educated, empowered, and cared for as they go through this often difficult transition. I was pretty excited to be one of the people receiving the January Mighty Mama Box!

The Mighty Mama Box packaging - postpartum subscription box

I felt encouraged before I even found out what was in here! ;)

subscription box for new moms - the Mighty Mama

Look at all this great stuff!

postpartum subscription box contents - gifts for new moms - The Mighty Mama Box

Of course this bibliophile was most excited about this book—which was autographed! You’ve Got This, Mama by Sabrina Greer is not a how-to manual or simply a fluffy, feel-good read. It’s a diverse collection of memoirs written by mothers from all walks of life and at all stages of motherhood. I’ve only read the introduction, but I can tell the author is a woman after my own heart, seeking to help women feel truly seen, connected, and free of fear and shame. I’m going to savor each page.

You've Got This, Mama book by Sabrina Greer - books for new moms

I was delighted to find out that the contents of that little white box were cookies! Not just any cookies, of course, but lactation cookies! Milk Maids Lactation creates all kinds of yummy treats formulated specifically for maximum breastmilk production—I get to try four different ones! It’s going to be hard to save these until I actually need them, because they look delicious. When I was nursing Afton, I tried a couple of different cookies/teas that I didn’t find very effective in boosting production, so I’m looking forward to finding out how these work for me! :)

lactation cookies by Milk Maids Lactation - treats to boost breastmilk supply - gifts for new moms

My box also included vitamins designed for post-pregnancy and breastfeeding. With Afton, I took these Vitafusion prenatal vitamins through my whole pregnancy and the time I was nursing… who knew there were all different ones for different stages? Looking forward to taking these for sure!

vitamins for after pregnancy and during breastfeeding - vitamins for new moms

The final tangible product in the January box was this blend of essential oils that promote relaxation. I’m not very savvy about oils, so I was glad the card had instructions of how to use them (on the back of my neck.) I might start using these right away!

Calm Mama essential oil blend for new moms

I initially thought the other papers in the box were just fliers and advertisements for other products, but on second look, I realized some of them were products in and of themselves! There’s a link for an exclusive postpartum workout video by Simply Fit with Ashley—I’ll definitely check that one out later! There’s a list of helpful sleep tips from sleep consultant Bonnie Dimmick of Sleep, Love, & Happiness—these are definitely consistent with my experience with Afton and would be particularly useful for a first-time mom. Last but not least, there’s a breastfeeding newsletter by lactation consultant Lori Isenstadt of All About Breastfeeding. This info was a good review for me, and I’ll definitely be trying the smoothie recipe she included! (The fliers included were for The Pregnancy Concierge and B My Lullaby Maternity & Nursing Clothing, and those are definitely worth checking out, too.)

So there you have it! I’m definitely impressed by the products and resources included in the first Mighty Mama Box! It was fun having something special for me at a time when I feel like I’m focusing on others all the time, and I’d say any mom can relate to that! If you know an expectant mom, this box (whether just once or as a 3-month subscription) would make a fabulous gift. And if you are an expectant mom, there’s no shame in treating yourself, am I right? Either way, I can highly recommend The Mighty Mama Box—CLICK HERE to grab one!