Surprise Proposal Photo Op!

If you haven't seen the gorgeous portrait session celebrating Autumn's college graduation, you definitely want to go do that now. But today I'm sharing photos I took of complete strangers right in the middle of Autumn's session! Marshall Park is typically not my favorite place to shoot, but we were just across the road when I noticed how perfect the light was, so I decided we should head over for a few shots on a bench before we left for the beach to wrap up her session. Just as I got my shot set up, I noticed the cutest couple walking into the park. They were all dressed up, and both Autumn and I suspected that a proposal was about to happen. (I had previously noticed another person with a camera on a nearby bench but totally did not put together that she was getting in place to photograph this moment. Good job being inconspicuous, Hannah!) Sure enough, I saw the guy kneel down and pull out a ring! I happened to have told Autumn in a previous conversation that I've always wanted to photograph a proposal, and she immediately gave me the go-ahead to go do it! (Thank you, Autumn! Best client ever!) It was such a fun adrenaline rush to be in the exact right place at the exact right time to make this happen! I was so thrilled! A few shots in, I realized that someone else was taking photos and got nervous that I had stolen another pro photographer's job, but Hannah turned out to be the sister of the groom-to-be and was happy to let me take over--what a relief! 

Proposal at Marshall park in Ocean Springs, Mississippi - Ocean Springs wedding photographer

If I hadn't been in the middle of a session, I would have stuck around to congratulate the couple, exchange business cards, and so on, but I realized the sun was going down and Autumn and I were going to run out of light before we got to the beach if we didn't skedaddle. So I quickly got Hannah's number and got out of there. Luckily that was enough to keep me in contact so that I could share these precious photos with the couple--Michael and Katie, I now know. Such a joy to share images that they weren't expecting to have! 

I have to give major props to Mike for planning a proposal at golden hour. That light is amazing! I'm particularly fond of backlight at this time of day, and I happened to be positioned perfectly to capture it that way. (In the rush of the moment, I probably wouldn't have thought of that, so I must admit it was purely coincidence.) So many things aligned perfectly to make these images happen! Whether it was divine intervention or just a happy accident, I am beyond grateful. Congratulations, Katie and Michael! I wish you all the best in your wedding planning and am not-so-secretly hoping that I get to have you in front of my camera again. :)