Schmutz Family Portraits on the Beach

Another annual family trip to the North Carolina Outer Banks is in the books! It's always a special treat when I get the chance to have cousins in front of my camera, and this year, I got to do that two days in a row!! I did beach family portraits of the Schmutz family three years ago, and I was thrilled when Caryn asked me to do it again this year! The boys have grown so much since then and have gained the sweetest little sister!

coastal family photos - portraits of family of six

I loved their idea of posing on the porch of the beach house where they stay each year!

family posing on front porch of beach house

I'm so glad I kept snapping photos while we walked down the street toward the ocean!

cute family photos in Duck, North Carolina

It was also their idea to pose with the Bayberry sign--pretty special considering our extended family has been staying on this same street every year for a LONG time (WAY longer then I've been in the family)!

family photos on beach of Outer Banks, NC

Beach time!

family photos at the beach - Ocean Springs family photographer

We had so much fun!

candid family pictures on the beach - Ocean Springs photographer

Ezekiel, Nehemiah, and Malachi look so much bigger than last time I photographed them, but they haven't outgrown searching for seashells or running toward the water--and sweet Amariah got in on the action, too!

siblings running and searching for seashells on the Outer Banks

Family portraits are such a blessing. They're adorable now, but they only get more precious over time as reminders of a family's legacy of love. I'm so thankful for clients who choose invest in this precious gift for their children and for the generations to come (especially when those clients happen to be my cousins!) Thank you, Schmutzes! 

I won't be back on the Outer Banks until next year, but if you're looking for family pictures on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, please reach out!