Afton's First Birthday!

I still have a thousand catch-up blog posts I might get around to writing, but I'm going to skip ahead for a big milestone: Afton is a year old! I am not sure how that happened, but it sure was a fun year!

Mermaid-inspired first birthday party - baby girl mermaid birthday party

Since Afton is a summer baby who loves the water, I chose this adorable mermaid invitation from INVITEDbyAudriana on Etsy. 

baby girl mermaid birthday invitation by INVITEDbyAudriana on Etsy

I was feeling pretty good about my party-planning prowess when I got the invitations sent out, but the truth is, I am actually not all that good at this stuff. There's a reason why I am a wedding photographer and not a wedding planner! I like it when other people do all the work and I just have to sit back and capture the beauty--ha! I tried, but the balloons I ordered from Amazon arrived with holes in them, so Rouses came to the rescue the day of the party. I worked hard on the streamers for the high chair, but the wind was so crazy on the day of the party that the whole thing was mostly destroyed before anyone even saw it (and before I could take a picture). Oops! 

baby girl birthday party decor (high chair streamers and balloons in turquoise and purple

Afton was a little unsure about this whole party thing when we first got to the yacht club...

baby girl with parents at first birthday party

...but it didn't take her long perk up and act like her usual happy-go-lucky self. Doesn't she look cute in her mermaid-inspired birthday outfit (from Etsy shop SweetChubbyCheeks)?!

mermaid-inspired outfit for baby girl 1st birthday

She was happy to see friends who came to celebrate with us!

birthday party guests at Ocean Springs Yacht Club

After we finished our Lenny's sandwiches, it was time to dig in to these pretty cupcakes from Torta Dolce

aqua and lavender cupcakes for baby girl birthday party

Afton was pretty excited about devouring her first-ever cupcake! 

baby's first cupcake

Watching her make this mess was pretty hilarious. It was definitely the highlight of the day for Mommy and Daddy....

first birthday family photo

...and Sweet T and Granddaddy! :)

grandparents with granddaughter on first birthday

Sugar overload! 

baby girl eating cupcake at first birthday party

Then we opened some fun presents from our sweet friends! What fun! (Thanks to Amy for grabbing the camera so I could be in front of it for once!)

baby girl opening birthday presents with mommy

Finally, the goodie bags (provided by Sweet T!) were opened. The ribbon wands were a hit! (But playing with the balloons was pretty fun for the little ones, too.)

first birthday party fun

Our celebration ended with some fun splashing in the pool--Afton's favorite! Our party wasn't Pinterest-perfect, but it was a good time being with friends and family in honor of our favorite one-year-old, so I'd say that's a success. Happy Birthday, Afton Rose!

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