Georgia Roadtrip Stopovers

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You might’ve already read about our annual vacation to the Outer Banks, but this post is all about the road trip to and from there! The Millers have been on many a long road trip, and most of them involve Hampton Inn continental breakfast, Chic-fil-A lunch, and Cracker Barrel dinner. I’m not knocking any of those, but they get old after a while, so we upped our game this time around.

On the way to Duck, we stopped in Augusta, Georgia. Alex was excited to drive by the golf course where the Master’s is played, and Afton and I obliged in exchange for the promise of tasty Mexican food. ;)

father and daughter with mural in Augusta, Georgia

TripAdvisor led us to Nacho Mama’s. I was sold on the punny name, and the food was delish, too!

Nacho Mama's Mexican restaurant in Augusta, Georgia

We were (almost) the only people eating outside, which gave Afton plenty of room to roam around (and act very silly) after being cooped up in the carseat all day.

little girl being silly on sidewalk in August, Georgia

This off-the-beaten-path stop worked so well that we were determined to continue the trend on the way back from Duck a week later. On the way back, we discovered Yesterday’s Cafe in Rutledge, Georgia. The website said it would “take us back in time,” which seemed a little corny, but it was so true! This place was old-fashioned in all the best ways; the staff were extremely friendly and hospitable (even when Afton spilled her drink…) and made us feel so welcome!

Yesterdays Cafe in Rutledge, Georgia

And the FOOD was SO SO GOOD. I was stuffed after dinner, but our waitress insisted that we must try the blackberry pie (on the house!), and I’m very glad I didn’t miss out on that! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

dinner and dessert at Yesterdays Cafe in Rutledge, Georgia

We spent the night just down the road and kept on soaking up the local culture the next morning. Perk Avenue in Madison was the perfect breakfast spot, right in the heart of the most adorable downtown.

Perk Avenue coffee shop in Madison, Georgia

We were so charmed by the place that we delayed getting on the road in favor of a little stroll around town. It was so quaint and peaceful! Madison is definitely a town I’d like to come back to when we can really take it all in!

strolling around downtown Madison, Georgia

I’m so glad we switched up our road trip strategy! Of course it makes the trip take longer, but if you’re going to be in the car for two days, you might as well explore something along the way, right?! Next time we make this trip it’ll be with two kids in tow, so we’ll see how that goes… fingers crossed!

So what’s your road trip style? Get to the destination as fast as possible or slow down and savor the journey? Chime in in the comments!


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