Expecting Jonas

Let’s bring my blog into the present day for a moment, shall we? The Millers are going to be a family of four in less than a month! This pregnancy has flown by with so much less pomp and circumstance than my first one; I can’t believe I’m so close to holding a baby boy! Despite all the chaos and rush, I’m so glad we took the time to get in front of the camera to capture this season of anticipation.

family maternity photos in Biloxi

I’m always overwhelmed by how many talented local photographers there are to choose from. I had never met Meghan before but had been admiring MBM Photography via social media for a while, and I’m so glad we chose to work with her to create these maternity/family photos!

outdoor maternity family photos in Biloxi, Mississippi

Afton has been SO excited about being a big sister, and I love how much that shows in these photos.

family maternity photos in Biloxi

It’s fun being on the other side of the camera every now and then. ;) Thank you so much for helping us cherish this special time, Meghan! :)