Flashback to February Fun

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Time for another month’s worth of Miller family photos! Our February began with a visit from Sweet T.

little girl, mom, and grandmother after church at First Presbyterian in Ocean Springs

She was super helpful as we got unpacked in the new house but still found some time for fun with Afton. ;)

two-year-old girl painting with grandmother
grandmother and granddaughter playing at Ocean Springs Little Children's Park

We had fun exploring our lovely new backyard!

Ocean Springs, Mississippi nature photography - back yard in Bienville Place

We LOVE our new neighborhood, and one of the coolest parts is the duck pond, which is still a frequent destination for our afternoon/evening walks. Pro tip: if you don’t want the ducks and geese to get too close to you, just don’t start feeding them. They’ll learn that you never bring food and won’t peck at you looking for it. But they’ll still come say hi! ;)

little girl visiting duck pond in Bienville Place - Ocean Springs lifestyle photographer

It’s fun to notice the backgrounds of these photos of Afton playing outside; I’m happy to say that that foundation by our driveway is now a finished house and that mess in the garage has long since been cleaned up!

little girl playing outside in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

We played in our neighborhood a LOT but still took some fun trips to the park!

two-year-old girl playing at Ocean Spring Little Children's Park

That’s it for February! Any bets on whether I can get through blogging a year of Afton photos before her baby brother gets here?! ;)

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