Where We Stayed in Morocco

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It's going to take a while for me to share everything I want to tell (and mostly show) you about our trip to Marrakesh, Morocco, but I'm starting today! First things first, where did we stay? The Movenpick Hotel. Alex was there for ten days for work before I arrived. Movenpick was chosen for its size and proximity to the conference center where his meeting was happening. While those wouldn't be the criteria I would choose if it had been up to me, I really did love this hotel! Despite being huge, it was anything but boring. Just walking around this place was a cultural experience in itself! 

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The very first photos I took on our trip were from the balcony of our room. Even though our hotel was in the new part of town (Ville Nouvelle), the buildings had the same traditional exterior that gives Marrakesh the nickname "The Red City."

view from hotel room at Movenpick Marrakesh, Morocco travel

Here's the entrance to the wing where our room was located. 

Movenpick Marrakesh hotel exterior with pink light fixture and reflecting pool - Morocco hotel

So many lovely sights to see on this sprawling property!

exterior of beautiful Morocco hotel Movenpick Marrakesh

We only got in once for a few brief moments, but the pool was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

beautiful pool at Morocco hotel - Movenpick Marrakesh

Especially at night!

luxurious outdoor pool at Morocco Hotel - Movenpick Marrakesh

The interior was full of exotic modern art, from mosaic tiles to incredible light fixtures.

gorgeous modern Moroccan decor inside Movenpick Hotel Marrakesh

We ate breakfast at the hotel every day before setting out to sight-see, and the other restaurants came in handy a couple of times when we found ourselves hungry for dinner before the restaurants in town were open. That's me with my very first cup of tasty Moroccan mint tea. There were many more!


As it turned out, I liked staying in Ville Nouvelle, away from the hustle and bustle of the medina. As much as I loved the ancient part of the city, it was nice to have a little distance from it to relax and recharge in between the busy days. Thanks for being so hospitable, Movenpick!

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If you're planning your own trip, I highly recommend the Lonely Planet Guide to Marrakesh! :)